Canada Warranty

Maxtrax Recovery Boards Canada Warranty

MAXTRAX Products purchased from an authorized Canadian dealer come with a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty against defects and faulty materials. 

This Warranty is provided by MAXTRAX Australia and facilitated in Canada by Overland Outfitters, who holds no responsibility for the warranty. 

This warranty is subject to the Limitations on Refunds/Replacements at Clause 3 below, if the Product/s, when used in accordance with the “Instructions for Use” provided with the Product/s, fails due to defective manufacture, we will replace the faulty product.

If the Product/s is found, upon inspection by us, to be defective and covered by our warranty, we will arrange for a replacement or refund (as applicable), normally within 7 working days of receipt of the Product/s (this may take longer in some cases if product is out of stock). MAXTRAX expressly excludes any liability for consequential loss, incidental or indirect damages (including but not limited to damages for loss of profits and business interruption) due to a defect of the Product/s. In particular any loss or damage caused to any equipment or accessories used with the Product/s or any loss resulting from a delay in repair or replacement are excluded to the extent permitted by law.

At our discretion, we may void the warranty if we deem the product has been used outside of its intended purpose for light-truck vehicles weighing under 7750LBS or 3500KGs. If the product has signs of excessive wheel-spin that could have structurally damaged the product, we reserve the right to void the warranty. If the product has been modified in any way, shape, or form from the original manufacturer’s design, including drilling holes for mounting, or shortening the product, the warranty is void. Please see Clause 2 below for further details.

Under no circumstances does this warranty cover any damage caused by misuse due to wheel-spin causing melted or broken “lugs” or “teeth”.

1. Procedure for Warranty Claims

Please use the form below and tell us the reason for your Warranty Claim. Please provide images of the Product/s in question, as well as your proof of purchase.

All warranty claims require a proof of purchase. At our discretion, we may require the product to be returned to MAXTRAX at the purchaser’s cost for failure analysis. If the failure is deemed as a warranty claim, MAXTRAX will cover the cost of return shipment of warrantied items.

2. Limitations on Refunds/Replacements

We cannot accept the return of any Product that has been used, unless it is defective and returned in accordance with the procedure outlined above.
If a Product is returned in the following condition/s, this warranty will not apply.

  • Does not match the Product you purchased
  • Is found, upon inspection by us or on our behalf, to be not defective as claimed, or failure was due to non-compliance with the Product’s “Instructions for Use” (including but not limited to, for example, burning, melting or breaking of the Product/s caused by spinning tire/s; or damage caused by using the Product/s on hard or rocky surfaces)
  • Damage to the Product/s is found, upon inspection by us or on our behalf, to be caused by wear and tear, abuse, misuse, accidental impact/s with a harder object (such as metal automotive component)
  • The Product/s though damaged, is/are still intact, serviceable and capable of performing its/their intended function, and is/are not defective
  • Is missing components
  • Has been modified or altered in any way
  • Has been used (unless returned as defective)
  • You received what you asked for but simply changed your mind, found it cheaper elsewhere, decided you did not like the purchase or had no use for it
  • Proof of purchase has not been provided
  • You knew of or were made aware of the defects before you bought the Product/s
  • Product has been modified outside of how it was originally designed from the manufacturer
  • You are not the original owner of the Product/s



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